About Japan Print Association

 Japan Print Association was founded in 1931 by the amalgamation of contemporary printmaker artists such as the 28 members of Japan Creative Prints Association (including ISHII Tsuruzo, ODA Kazuma, ONCHI Koshiro), the four members of Western-Style Prints Society (including OKADA Saburonosuke, OKUBO Sakujiro), as well as 11 independent artists (including UMEHARA Ryuzaburo, HASEGAWA Kiyoshi).  Since the founding year the association has held an annual exhibition (except for 1934 due to preparation for an exhibition in Paris, and in 1945 due to confusion after the war). This year we are proud to present our 80th exhibition. We have reached out internationally beginning with "Origins of the Modern Japanese Prints Exhibition" in Paris, 1934 with support from the Frenchgovernment. Since 1936 through to last year we presented "Modern Japanese Prints Exhibition", which toured the United States, London, Lyon, Warsaw, and Berlin. After the war we presented exhibitions in Australia, Mexico, El-Salvador, U.S.A., Israel, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, and many other countries. We have contributed to the internationalization of prints within Japan by holding special exhibitions for prints from Thailand (2006) and modern prints from America (2008), as well as administrating "Prints Tokyo 2007" and International Prints Symposium in 2007. Being the only association for print arts in Japan, we have brought our professionalism to influence remarkable developments in the art world inside and outside Japan.  Today, the association comprises 225 members and 199 submembers.The annual recruitment for the exhibition category aims to find new talent covering a broad range of artistic expression ranging from traditional styles to anything in the contemporary idiom. We aim to exhibit creative works from around the world regardless of the artists' academic status.